Recover with Guardians

Step-by-step process on recovering access to your wallet


If you have restored the app from a backup or if you have deleted the app, please ensure you have a clean installation.

During the recovery process, you will need to fund the Ethereum L1 wallet using one of the available currencies to pay the required gas fee. All L1 transactions require gas regardless of success or failure. The wallet will inform you of the fee amount; please ensure you send more than enough currency to cover the cost.

A. Reinstall the application from the device’s official app store

If by chance you redownload the Loopring Smart Wallet app and unwanted cache still lingers, you will need to clear the app's storage data which includes all the cached data.

B. Open the app and select "I have a Loopring wallet" on the main page

C. On the following screen, select “Recover from Cloud” if you have a "Cloud Backup" or "Recover from Guardian" and follow the instructions below.

D. Enter the Wallet address or Wallet ENS (name.loopring.eth) when requested

E. The app will provide the estimated maximum fee in ETH. This may be paid in another currency or Loopring Points by selecting “Change”.

F. Select which Guardians will be asked to recover the Wallet

G. You will be prompted for verification via the phone number or email address selected when creating the Wallet - this is the Official Guardian. Following verification, a code will be sent to that location; you will need to provide this code to the other Guardians selected in Step 6

  1. Guardians using the Loopring Smart Wallet will receive a prompt within the Loopring Smart Wallet app and will input the code provided to them

  2. Guardians using a non-Loopring wallet will need to connect their Guardian wallet to and input the code provided to them

  3. Additionally, Guardian wallets will be required to sign a transaction after the code is entered, finalizing the approval and code entry

Once the Guardians complete the approval, the wallet app will recover and begin functioning normally.

H. Quick Video Guide

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