Updates include the following:

  1. Add Español.

  2. NFT detail page to add the entrance to send red packets.

  3. Optimize the Taiko wallet interaction:

    • Add a red dot in the top left corner of Avatar on Assets page if there are guardian approval requests or pending transactions.

    • Support to hide the unavailable Taiko wallets deployed on unmaintainable Testnets.

    • Update Taiko's logo.

  4. The reminder will be displayed in the product list for Dual Investment if the quota is insufficient.

  5. Optimize the English strings: replace "Fee" with "Network Fee" or "Trading Fee".

  6. Fix several bugs:

    • Fix the values overlapping for PEPE/USDC on the Order Book.

    • On the page where you select tokens to pay for gas, after switching between Loopring L2 and Ethereum L1, the token is automatically selected that has an insufficient balance instead of a token that has a sufficient balance.

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