Updates include the following:

  1. Support Avatar and Nickname customization.

  2. Multi-wallet interaction optimization

    • Remove the "Profile" tab.

    • Click on the Avatar on the Assets page to go to the current wallet profile page.

    • Click on the network and address/ENS on the Assets page to go to "My Wallets" page, view and edit my all wallets.

    • Click on the top right button on the Assets page to go to app settings.

  3. NFT collection view and cache.

  4. Optimize transaction history display for dual investment and lrc staking.

  5. Fixed several bugs:

    • The countdown of the red packet will get stuck and stop counting down.

    • The loading icon is always shown at the end of ENS.

    • Optimize user interface and strings for user terms and privacy policy on the wallet creation page.

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