Import Process

This guide will demonstrate how to import a wallet onto a new device

Importing a wallet is only possible when the user has access to both the current device the wallet is active on as well as the new device the wallet is moving to. If you no longer have access to the device where the wallet is active, then you will need to perform a recovery.

There are no fees when importing a wallet; however, there are fees when performing a recovery because there is an interaction with the Layer 1 (L1) smart contract.

1. Generate a QR Code to Export the Wallet

On the original device, with a working Loopring Smart Wallet app, navigate to: Wallet Settings -> Export Wallet

2. Generate QR Code

3. Enter Passcode

You will see a message indicating that Loopring discourages users from taking screenshots of the migration QR code for security reasons. Devices’ OS may auto-upload images to a cloud, other applications installed on the device may have access to your Photo Library, etc

4. QR Code Generated

5. Download App on New Device

On the new device, the one the wallet will be moving to, download the Loopring Smart Wallet app from the device’s official App Store (iOS | Android)

6. Select Import Wallet

Or if you're recovering into the Multi-Wallet UI

Gear icon -> My Wallets -> + Add Wallet -> Import Wallet

7. Scan the QR Code Generated from Step 4

Congratulations, you have now successfully imported your wallet to your new device!

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