Updates include the following:

  1. Add a new feature: Stop-Limit. It is disabled, in the future, Android, iOS, and the web will launch this feature together.

  2. Optimize 'Swap' UI.

  3. Block Trade UI optimization, users easily switch between two strategies: 'Prioritize Quantity' and 'Prioritize Speed'.

  4. Add a pop-up reminder for buying/selling limit orders if there is too much delta compared with the displayed price.

  5. The fee for claiming earnings of LRC staking is displayed on the transaction details page.

  6. 'eth_sign', one of the transaction signing methods, is now disabled by default.

  7. Fix several bugs:

    • Fix the WalletConnect 2.0 connection issue.

    • In the cards and tokens list of the 'Assets' page, the fiat amount of the asset is shown as converted to USD, not to the currently selected fiat currency.

    • Optimize the function of wallet switch.

    • Do not cut off words mid-word, such as "Guardian approval required".

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