Updates include the following:

  1. Social recovery optimization: users can check their wallet address by phone number or email.

  2. Add a reminder to import collection for legacy NFTs.

  3. Wallet sign behavior optimization.

  4. Gas estimation/Dry run enabling

  5. Optimize push behavior for multi-wallet devices.

  6. For wallets with a special walletFactory, activation of L2 or L1 is disabled.

  7. Interaction optimization for upgrading contract.

  8. Fix several bugs:

    • Remove the โ€œNextโ€ on the keyboard when changing Daily Quota.

    • Unable to add Guardian on Taiko wallet. Tap the Add Guardian button and the app freezes.

    • The signature to unlock the wallet doesnโ€™t work if you enter the full url with a "/" at the end.

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