Updates include the following:

  1. Allow user to create wallets using same wallet address on other networks, only support for Taiko testnet.

  2. Support to customize the slippage for Block Trade.

  3. Optimize the UI of unusable wallets on Taiko-A2 Testnet.

  4. Add parameters to the gas fee request API for partial transfers (send red packet, claim ERC20 tokens and NFTs of the red packet, claim the earning of LRC Staking).

  5. Remove the "/iframe" in the URL of Banxa.

  6. Fix several bugs:

    • Failed to recover the Loopring smart wallet (META_TX_APPROVE_RECOVER).

    • Failed to buy or sell PEPE/USDC when the order amount is below $100.

    • NFT isn’t taking up the full “card” on the NFT Display screen.

    • The first image disappear when entering the NFT details page.

    • Add "Hide" option on the keyboard. Because the keyboard is blocking the Confirm button on iPhone SE when editing nickname.

    • Optimize alert timing when refreshing data in NFT details page.

    • On “My Wallets” page, the background and card colors are wrong.

    • When the image URL in the NFT list is empty, the original URL is used to download the image.

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