When withdrawing assets from your L2 to L1 account, there are a few things to be aware of:
  1. 1.
    When interacting with the L1 account, you will incur an Ethereum gas fee
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    If this is the first time withdrawing a specific token (LRC, USDC, DAI, etc.) to L1, there will be a Token Approval process. After the Token Approval completes, you will need to restart the withdrawal.
Token Approval: Before initiating an interaction between a token and a smart contract on L1 for the first time, such as depositing a specific token from L1 to L2, a Token Approval transaction must be submitted.
You must first approve each token that you plan to use to interact with a particular smart contract. This is a security measure in which a user authorises the smart contract to access and use that particular token. This is an on-chain transaction which costs a gas fee.