Updates include the following:

  1. Add a new task to the Taiko task list: Bind wallet to receive NFT reward.

  2. Add a new feature: Stop Limit Usage. It is currently disabled. Android, iOS, and the web will launch this feature together.

  3. Add a pop-up reminder for buying/selling limit orders if there is too much delta compared with the displayed price.

  4. Add blind box red packets quick entry, Red Packets > NFT & Blind Box on the Assets page.

  5. The fee for claiming earnings of LRC staking is displayed on the transaction details page.

  6. Optimize the "Export Wallet" page, because the same wallet can be managed on multiple devices.

  7. Not allow users to do cloud recovery, migration, or even social recovery via UI after wallet data is removed in Loopring server.

  8. Fixed some crashes on Google Play Console.

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