Updates include the following:

  1. Update strings.

  2. Update Android SDK.

  3. Optimize DApp interaction behavior.

  4. StopLimit function explanation UI Optimization.

  5. Fix several bugs:

    • When there is no network, the LRC is repeated after launching the app.

    • Fix push message click unresponsive because the push type is not recognized.

    • Special Loopring ApiKey can be obtained via backend configuration and is used to get the balance before Loopring L2 account activation or during forced withdrawals.

    • Delete a Taiko wallet by removing the wallet from the migration QR code page or deleting the account, the L2 card status of the Ethereum wallet will mistakenly show as recovering or migrating.

    • The reminder on the set amount page is incorrect when transferring to another Taiko wallet (Taiko L2 account or Loopring L3 account) created with the same address as Ethereum network.

    • When switching between Ethereum wallet and Taiko wallet, the initial price shown on "Swap" page is that of the wallet before the switch, not the current wallet.

    • The balance card on the "Assets" page is automatically expanded from stowed after back from the NFT details page.

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