Name your wallet with an ENS

An Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a customizable secondary address that you can purchase for your Loopring Smart Wallet.

When you create a Loopring Smart Wallet, a randomly generated address of 42 letters and numbers is created for the wallet. This address is used when you send and receive Ethereum-based assets, such as sending LRC from another service to your wallet, or when receiving an NFT.

A Loopring ENS follows the format of [your-unique-name].loopring.eth. Purchasing an ENS for your Loopring Smart Wallet makes it easier for you to send and receive Ethereum-based assets because you don’t need to use your original 45-character address, which can lead to errors if not correctly copied and pasted during transactions.

1. Before you begin

Review the following considerations and limitations for using an ENS:

  • Your Loopring Smart Wallet can have only one ENS. After you purchase an ENS, you can’t replace it or purchase a new one.

  • The name for your ENS must be 4-12 characters long and can’t already be in use.

  • The more characters in your ENS, the higher the ENS purchase fee will be.

  • Your ENS can’t contain special characters or uppercase letters.

  • You must purchase your ENS using LRC on Layer-2 or Loopring Points.

2. Understanding the ENS purchase fee

The total cost to purchase an ENS involves two fees: the ENS registration fee and the Ethereum gas fee. The ENS registration fee is a flat fee that is charged by the ENS Foundation to register an ENS. The Ethereum gas fee is a variable fee to add your ENS to the registry. Consider creating your ENS when gas fees are lower.

Wallet tip: Here you can track the gas fee rates to get a much better price quotation when creating your wallet. The lower the gas fee rate is, the lower the activation cost is needed. 👉

3. Create an ENS

  1. From your Loopring Smart Wallet, tap Gear icon > Manage Current Wallet.

  2. Tap your profile details (top portion of the screen) then tap ENS.

  3. Enter a name for your ENS, and then tap Next.

  4. Optional: Tap the total cost to change your method of payment.

  5. Review your purchase, and then tap Confirm.

You have successfully named your wallet! It should now be easier to remember your wallet address.

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