Updates include the following:

  1. Add risk reminder related to the guardian.

  2. After switching wallets or restarting the app, the notification related to the airdrop of 0.1 ETH in the activated Taiko wallet will disappear.

  3. Fix several bugs:

    1. If the region of the iPhone is South Africa, Belgium, and so on, swap is not possible when writing the amount on ETH.

    2. Taiko Wallet: User added a Contact Name and it doesn't show at the top. Also, the Lock/Unlock says "You are the Guardian of" without a name or address after.

    3. The "Add" button for adding a guardian is not displayed on the contact details page if the wallet has not ENS.

    4. When tapping the "Available", unable to swap in Block Trade and unable to subscribe in Dual Investment and LRC Staking.

    5. The ability to create the same address on Ethereum network as another network can be controlled via backend configuration.

    6. When transferring LRC, click β€œAll” button (e.g. total 11,600 LRC) and then manually change it to 11,500 (replace 6 with 5), the amount of LRC successfully transferred will be 11, not 11500.

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