Cloud back-up

Store your private key in your Google or Apple cloud account. The private key is encrypted and passcode protected.


  • Have ample storage on your Cloud to store the Loopring wallet back-up data.

  • You must have freed up storage on your Cloud before enabling the Loopring wallet's Cloud back-up option.

Storing the private key in your cloud account allows you to recover your wallet using two-factor authentication without incurring a gas fee. This differs from the standard type of recovery where you are required to have guardian approval which is on-chain and requires a gas fee.

Enable Cloud back-up

  1. Open your Loopring Smart Wallet and tap on the Gear icon -> iCloud Backup.

  2. Tap on Cloud Backup.

  3. Tap the button "I Understand".

  4. On the next screen enable Cloud Backup.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your Cloud drive is synced up-to-date.

Double check your Cloud storage, both on your device and the website, if the Loopring folder has been successfully stored.

This may potentially cause problems if the file is not properly stored.

Congratulations! Gas-free wallet recovery is now possible through Cloud!

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