Updates include the following:

  1. NFT preview supports mp4, mp3, 3D.

  2. Users can pay for the Loopring L2 activation fee of another wallet.

  3. Address Type sync to cloud:

    • Optimize the address type category so that it can be used in both L1 and L2 transaction.

    • Contact's address type (EOA, Exchange, Loopring smart wallet etc.) will be saved to Cloud once user has ever successfully set it up once so that next time when user selects the contact to transfer, no need to set up again.

  4. Fix several bugs:

    1. Update strings.

    2. IUX bug: If you tap the token on L3 then tap Send to your own L2, it will come up with transfer from L3 to L3.

    3. Unable to transfer if you tap the token on L3 then tap Send to another Taiko L2 account.

    4. Special Loopring ApiKey can be obtained via backend configuration and is used to get the balance before Loopring L2 account activation or during forced withdrawals.

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