Updates include the following:

  1. Support Loopring ZKRollup on Taiko wallet.

  2. Optimize the sort by Most Recent for NFT.

  3. Optimize the Loophead NFT update mechanism.

  4. The reminder will be displayed in the product list for Dual Investment if the quota is insufficient.

  5. Fix several bugs:

    • Unable to swap on Uniswap Dapp in the Utility tab.

    • The top menu on the Trade page is not scrollable.

    • The icon is wrong in the transaction list of Dual Investment.

    • Unable to claim earnings of LRC staking after tapping the LRC Staking on the LRC Locked Details page.

    • Close only one notification message in the small bar at the top of the Assets page, restarting the app will crash.

    • Upgrade to the latest version and switch from Ethereum wallet to Taiko wallet for the first time, it keeps getting stuck.

    • Unable to activate the Loopring L3 account on the Taiko wallet after upgrading to the latest version.

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