Guardian set-up

Walkthrough on how to set-up Loopring wallet guardians

Prerequisite: In order to add a Guardian in your Loopring Smart Wallet you must have activated Layer 1.

Adding a Guardian

To add a new Guardian in your Loopring Wallet, navigate to:

Profile > Manage Current Wallet > Guardian Management > Who Protects Me

Click on Add Guardian.

If your Guardian has a Loopring Smart Wallet the process is fairly simple. You can enter in the Ethereum wallet address or ENS of the person and tap Add.

You will be asked to confirm and pay a gas fee.The Guardian Loopring Wallet will receive a notification on their Loopring Smart Wallet application to accept, once accepted the Guardian addition process is complete. Note that it may take up to a few days to add Guardians depending on the number of Guardians you already have.

If your Guardian doesn’t have a Loopring Smart Wallet and instead has an EOA wallet like Metamask, there is a separate process.

You will then need the owner of the Guardian Ethereum address (whether this is another wallet address you own or the address of a friend/family member) to visit and connect this wallet/address.

Please note, this site is for connecting your Guardian Wallet(s), NOT your own Loopring Smart Wallet.

Once connected, click on Add as a Guardian.

A QR Code is displayed with the Guardian wallet address.

In the Loopring Smart wallet app, enter the Ethereum address that you want to protect your wallet or scan the QR code.

In the case of an action being required on your new Loopring Wallet (lock, recovery, etc.), your guardians will also need to go to this same site ( in order to sign a message to confirm it is you who is requesting this action to complete it.

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