1. These two pages were developed using ReactNative:

    • General page: Gear icon (on top-right of the Assets Page) > General Token introduction page:

      1. Tap any token (in the Ethereum L1/Taiko wallet) > Annotation icon (on top-right of the Token Detail Page) > Token Introduction page

      2. Trade > Swap > Annotation icon (on top-right of the K-line)

  2. Enable all active currencies in the MoonPay dashboard for On-Ramp. These currencies are available through backend configuration, ETH and USDC are configured now, and others will be added later.

  3. Remove SDK (com.apollographql.apollo) that are unused and reported as obsolete by Google Play Console.

  4. RDNS is set to io.loopring.wallet.

  5. 6963 Name changed from "Loopring Wallet" to "Loopring".

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