Loopring has access?

No, only you can access the funds and assets within your Loopring Smart Wallet. The Loopring Smart Wallet is a self-custody wallet, which means the owner of the wallet has full control and ownership of their assets. This is different from services such as a Centralized Exchange (CEX) where users don't own their assets directly on the blockchain.

The private keys, a hash of randomly generated characters akin to a password, are encrypted and stored securely on a single device, never exposed publicly - even to Loopring. Loopring cannot control any of the wallets created through the app, nor funds secured within them.

If you cannot access the Loopring Smart Wallet mobile app, whether it was lost/stolen or the app was deleted, a Recovery is required.

What is Loopring Smart Wallet?

I've uninstalled the app - How do I Recover my wallet?

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