Connected to a Phishing site

In the vast world of crypto, telling apart real websites from fake ones is getting harder.

More and more digital money means lots of different websites, making it tough to know which ones are honest. Figuring out the good from the bad needs careful checking and knowing the rules.

As crypto keeps growing, it's super important to be really careful about who you trust.

If by chance, you connected your wallet into a malicious site, do these steps:

A. Revoke your wallet's Token Approvals by using using your Loopring wallet's built-in browser.

  1. On your Assets page, navigate to Utility.

  2. Tap Dapp Browser

  3. Write and visit the url

  4. Connect using the Trust Wallet modal.

  5. Go through all permissions and revoke any permission you are not acquainted with.

B. Remove details that may be cached upon connecting to the malicious site.

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