Updates include the following:

  1. Add risk reminder related to the guardian.

  2. Order Book records page optimization.

  3. Fix several bugs:

    • The "Add" button for adding a guardian is not displayed on the contact details page if the wallet has not ENS.

    • Notifications permissions won't turn on on Android 13.

    • After deleting a wallet on the โ€œMy Walletsโ€ page, swipe sideways or tap on your phone back to return and it will show you the wallet you just deleted.

    • After Ethereum L1 and Loopring L2 are successfully activated, the confirmation pop-up will be repeated several times.

    • Deposited to their Loopring L3 but did not get the funds, because the exchange address used belongs to Ethereum network, not Taiko network.

    • When recovering the wallet, the approval details page is blank, with no approval code and no guardian.

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