Taiko Testnet

Loopring now supports Taiko testnet on our Smart Wallet

Create your Taiko testnet wallet

A. Navigate to Profile > Manage Wallets

B. Tap Add Wallet

C. Tap Create Wallet

D. Authentication information

Choose whether to import your current wallet's authentication information or use a totally different one. Choosing the first option will import your phone number or email you used to create your existing wallet plus any existing 2FA options enabled.

E. Choose Taiko-A2 Testnet Network

F. Choose your Authentication information then Confirm

G. Complete the captcha requirement

H. Success! You now have your Taiko testnet wallet

I. Activate your Taiko Testnet Wallet by tapping Activate and inputting your passcode

Congratulations! You have now deployed a Taiko Testnet wallet!

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